You Must Engage Culture Before You Can Influence Culture.

More than 25 million Christians chose not to vote in the last presidential election. We can do better. Because our faith votes. Whether we cast a ballot or not.

If you’re not already registered to vote, you can do that right now.


Apathy does not define a loving church. Together, we can empower Christians to take action and vote.

Your Church Can Close the Gap on Christian Influence.

"By staying silent, believers are allowing non-believers to decide who will run our government and create our public policies.”

Dr. David Jeremiah, Senior Pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church and the Founder of Turning Point

Our Church Votes has the resources you need to engage, educate, and equip Christians to take their faith and convictions from the pew to the public square.

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Your Church Can Host a Voter Registration Drive.

“These are incredible tools to inform and equip all of us to vote responsibly. Use them. Tell all your friends and family.”

Samuel Rodriguez, Lead Pastor, New Season, NHCLC President

Our Church Votes makes voter registration and education accessible to any size church through technology and resources designed for corporate, small group, and individual devotional experiences.

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“Our vote is essential for keeping faith in the heart of a free America.”

Jentezen Franklin, Senior Pastor of Free Chapel

Your Church Can Ensure the Next Generation Can Worship Publicly and Freely.

“We need God to make his way back to our nation. Let's bring him back through our spiritual commitment to him and through voting based on biblical principles.”

Tony Evans, Founder, Urban Alternatives and Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

Our Church Votes can help you champion religious liberty, freedom of speech, and freedom of worship by helping Christians prepare and prioritize voting.

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