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We want to empower believers across the nation to bring to the influence of their faith in the voting booth, and this starts with you! If you are a member of your church, it’s important to talk to your Pastor and gain permission to host a Voter Registration Drive at your church.

We suggest that you do this with one or more other members of your church. Doing so will demonstrate unity and show that this is not simply the passion of one person within the church.

Here are a few simple things to remember when you talk to church leadership:

We believe that voting is stewardship of the power we have as citizens to do good and bring the influence of our faith into the public square. And yet, many Christians do not vote. The encouragement of the church will be powerful.

The Voter Drive is non-partisan.

This effort is not endorsing a political party or a candidate.

There are absolutely no legal restrictions on a church to hold a voter registration drive.

Your church can choose to use some or all the resources in this kit.

Here are the decisions you will need to make with your church:

Gain agreement to have the church participate.

Identify the location within the church and times during which the drive can take place.

Gain agreement on how the church will help promote the event. You will also want to determine which staff person you will need to work with for each type of promotion. Keep in mind, this may be different people for different types of promotion.

Finally, and most importantly, determine if your senior pastor will personally encourage those in the church to participate in the drive and register to vote. He can do so from the pulpit or in a letter (or email) to the congregation. This is the most powerful thing your pastor can do for this event.


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