Why Vote?

Biblical Reasons to Vote

Too many Christians look at the dysfunction and corruption in politics and easily become discouraged that our vote has no impact, does no good, or has no relation to our faith.

But God gave us Biblical principles that relate to every area of our lives, including voting. God created every person walking the earth, invented the institution of the family, established the creation of the church, and he didn’t forget to offer guidelines for government (Romans 13). When Christians apply biblical principles in government, the result is peace and prosperity.

Here are three Biblical reasons why Christians should PRAY for our nation, THINK biblically about the issues, and then VOTE in every election:

1. Political involvement demonstrates love for our neighbors.
Jesus told us in Matthew 22 the greatest commandment is to love God with all that we are. He went on to say the second greatest commandment is to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Using our voice and our vote as Christians to influence the political landscape of our country is one way we can show love to our neighbor (Galatians 6:10).

Good laws and a well-run government are essential to produce a flourishing society. Obeying these two commandments includes seeking legislation that protects the sanctity of life, religious freedom, marriage and family, and that compassionately cares for those in need. Engaging in politics allows us to effect change and is essential for believers who love their neighbor.

2. Political involvement demonstrates reverence for God.
Paul writes in Romans 13 that Christians should respect and be subject to their governing authorities because “there is no authority except that which God has established.” The Bible explicitly expresses an obligation to our government that is derived from God’s authority. As Americans, we are allowed the unique opportunity to influence our laws. For Christians, this means we must bring our biblical worldview to the public square. If we begin to remove ourselves from politics, this opens the door for moral decay and culture shift, inevitably changing the direction of a government that honors God.

3. We are commanded to bring the influence of faith into all areas of our life.
We know from scripture that our faith and our good works should be inseparable. James 2:26 says, “As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.” As we act on our faith, living out biblical principles in every area of our lives, we become a source for good in our communities and our nation. The purpose of voting is not to advance one political party’s ideology; the objective is to use our vote to advance biblical truth for the good of our communities (Jeremiah 29:7).

The policies and laws our elected officials enact will affect America for decades to come. As Christians, we want to see good public policies that reflect biblical values. However, in order to see these kinds of policies enacted, we have to elect principled leaders. And in order to see principled leaders elected, we as Christians must make our voices heard by voting.

But Can Voting Really Make A Difference?

Absolutely! It’s estimated there are over 90 million Christians in the US, and more than 25 million of them do not vote. What would happen if these 25 million Christians voted? Would it really change things?

Well, let’s look at the big picture. In a recent presidential election in Missouri, the voting margin was a mere 3, 903 votes. Yet in that state, there are approximately 102,522 Christians who didn’t even register to vote. In North Carolina, the voting margin was 14, 177 votes but unregistered Christians in that state total approximately 281,212.

In addition, every presidential election in the past 25 years has been won by less than 10 million votes. What would happen if 25 million more Christians voted in the next election? Not only could it massively impact an election, it could change our nation!

What can you do?

Vote! Voters shape the future of our nation. Casting your vote is an incredibly powerful way to make your voice heard and take a stand for righteousness. It is not only one of our great American rights; it’s also our responsibility as Christians.





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